Sunday, August 30, 2009

Confession, Grill, Goose Island Matilda

I've kept my illness a secret from you far too long, loyal reader(s). I have TMJD. That's right, temporomandibular joint disorder. This prevents me from opening my mouth more than an inch, and predisposes me against tall food. I even eat bratwurst and sausage starting from a bite at the top because it's too tall with a bun to handle straight-on. So now you know, my reviews have a small-mouthed bias.

We got propane for the grill yesterday at Home Depot and grilled sausages on the balcony. Today, I grilled the last two, and after my wife noticed my obtuse approach, I decided to try pulling my lower jaw downward with my hand.

Best guess: I pulled a tendon somewhere between my jaw and my right ear. I put Icy Hot on it and took a couple of Aleve, but the pain was bad enough that I couldn't finish my favorite beer, Goose Island's Matilda.

Matilda is not to blame for my poor judgment. In fact, the first beer of the day was still more than half full when I displayed the reasoning skills of a lesser primate.

Matilda is the unicorn of beers, fruity yet distinctly beer, with a smooth finish but an enjoyable aftertaste. And like most infatuations, expensive. Matilda is up front about her age with you, though. Each bottle has its vintage right on the front. This is the wine-drinker's beer.

7 of 7 Smile Points (best in class)


  1. The glow of fire at night... nothing more transic

  2. Matilda is indeed a fantastic beer.

  3. You're so lucky I was there to finish that bottle. I hope you appreciate my sacrifice.