Sunday, October 18, 2009

Illinois in Two Days

This weekend:
Thursday: Yelp Causes for a Party
Friday off
Drive to Salem for Dave Duncan's retirement from the Police Department after 35 years.
Patoka, IL to vote for my cousin Drew Baldridge for Homecoming King (he won!). Drew also sang alongside his longtime friend. The two of them were recently featured on the radio and will be performing at Printers Alley in Nashville next month.

Round out the evening in my parents' hot tub, just installed last week.

To Metropolis, IL to visit the annual Encampment at Fort Massac, which draws 100,000 visitors annually. Visit to see President Barack Obama in front of the famous Metropolis Superman statue.

New mural unveiled in the Fort Massac museum in honor of Lindsay's grandmother. The artist included Mary Diekroeger's likeness in a painting of frontier life. The mural is titled "Mary at the Wheel" and features her in front of a fire at a sewing wheel similar to those from the early 1800's.

Beautiful dinner at the house of some of Lindsay's grandparents' friends.
Back up to lunch at Giant City State Park with Lindsay's dad's side
Lindsay and I drove back to Chicago for the night.
    I'll be spending tomorrow night in Minneapolis for work, then back in Chicago Tuesday night. I have an early flight to New York on Thursday, then I will be back in Chicago Friday night.

    I'm already tired.

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