Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Golden Ale

The first batch of homebrewed beer, the golden ale, was finally ready about three weeks ago. What's interesting about it was that there was no "aha" moment where it became beer instead of some combination of yeast, grain, and corn syrup. Instead, it started off as a failure of a beer, no head, very little carbonation - in two words, Ice House.

Thankfully, I only put one bottle in the fridge at a time. A couple of days later, I put took the next bottle out of the fridge, and it was somewhat better. It's been like that - a bit better each day - and now I'm down to the last one from the batch.

I started the next batch, a stout, about a week after I bottled the ale. Stout is more my speed (and my description - ha, beat you to it). More about that later, with less waiting since it has a head start. I just need to finish the last ale so I can put the stout in the bottles.

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