Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beer Bistro

My wife and I stopped into the Beer Bistro on Madison last night for burgers and beers. She had the bistro burger, which is served with giardiniera, and I had the bacon cheddar burger. Neither of them was as good as the southwest burger she had last time, so when you're there go for that. Now that that's out of the way, on to the main attraction.

The beers on tap at Beer Bistro are continually rotated. There's always something new to try and they pay attention to the consistency and flavor of the beer. They clearly take pride in the beer they serve. (Unlike some other places: I'm looking at you, Boston Blackie's. Guinness in your hands is like matches to a two-year-old.)

The Leffe Brown was very good, with a subtle chocolately and nutty flavor and just the right weight. I'd recommend this beer. On the other hand, the Left Hand Beer Stout (pictured at right) left something to be desired though the head on this beer is surprisingly resilient. I could have turned the beer upside down and used the foam as a coaster.

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